Transform your Knowledge Management Initiatives with Lean Principles & Practices for Instant Impact


Course Overview

  • The Lean Knowledge Management Training & Workshop is a comprehensive 2-day program designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge and practical tools needed to implement Lean principles in Knowledge Management processes within organisations. Participants will explore the core principles of Lean methodology and learn how to map these principles to knowledge management practices. Participants will also gain insights into the crucial role of leadership in driving Lean KM initiatives and strategies for overcoming resistance to change. Real-world case studies and interactive workshops will provide participants with actionable insights and guidance for implementing Lean KM practices in their organisations


Learning Outcomes

  • 1. Describe the core principles of Lean and how Lean principles can be applied to optimise Knowledge Management practices;
  • 2. Demonstrate the ability to apply Lean tools and techniques to analyze and improve Knowledge Management processes and practices in organisations;
  • 3. Assess methods for engaging employees and stakeholders effectively in driving Lean Knowledge Management initiatives;
  • 4. Develop actionable plans and strategies for designing and implementing Lean Knowledge Management initiatives; and
  • 5. Formulate approaches for overcoming resistance to change and sustaining Lean Knowledge Management initiatives.


Target Audience

  • Anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of Lean knowledge management principles and equip them with practical tools and techniques to implement Lean KM practices in their organizations. 


Course Pre-requisite:

  • - Open to individuals who may not have prior experience or involvement in Lean or Knowledge Management;
  • - Participants should be able to understand and communicate effectively in English to fully benefit from the training materials, discussions, and exercises
Topics for this Course:

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 1

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 4

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 5
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14 Hours Training + 7 Hours Workshop


Knoco Consultant, Atlassian Community Leader, PMI-ACP & Enterprise Agile Coach



  1. Software Development
  2. Information Technology 
  3. Product Development 
  4. Manufacturing 
  5. Financial Services 
  6. Healthcare 
  7. Consulting 
  8. Retail 
  9. Government 
  10. Non-Profit Organisations
  11. Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  12. Education 
  13. Telecommunications 
  14. Construction




Knoco Malaysia is headed by Dr Sanath Sukumaran, based in Kuala Lumpur. We are global consultants. Dr Sanath has the distinction of conducting KM consultancy and training in various industries: automobile, legal, higher education, training, media and entertainment, software development and banking. His notable work includes KM policy and governance framework for the largest unit of the Malaysian civil service.

Sanath has published numerous KM research and practice findings over the last 15 years. His research focuses on contemporary and renewed approaches towards KM systems development, elicitation of tacit knowledge and KM systems frameworks. His most recent endeavour is the development of the next-generation Knowledge Management System. He is passionate about how knowledge elicitation sits within the larger context of contemporary mainstream solutions. Dr. Sanath strongly advocates digital learning tools and Agile Transformation and how to infuse them in the larger realm of digital and organisational transformation with knowledge and learning as key enablers.


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