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Empowering Leaders to Realise Potential and Drive Success


Course Overview

Leadership is the art of guiding and nurturing others to achieve their fullest potential, often seen as the most crucial role within an organisation. But what exactly defines effective leadership, and how can it be cultivated? This course delves into the fundamentals of leadership, starting with the often-overlooked aspect of self-leadership and then expanding to leading others. This immersive course emphasises essential skills and best practices for effective leadership relevant to the present and future. Learners will gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to harness and develop their leadership capabilities. The course begins by internalising key leadership principles and equips learners with core leadership competencies. It also addresses the complexities of leading diverse teams and fostering a more inclusive work environment


Learning Outcomes

1 Apply principles of self-leadership and emotional intelligence to enhance personal and interpersonal effectiveness.
2 Implement strategies to build diverse, high-performing teams and adapt leadership styles to various organisational contexts.
3 Cultivate core competencies such as strategic thinking, trust-building, effective communication, decision-making, and empathy leadership
4 Navigate leadership complexities by leading change with agility and resilience, managing conflict, having difficult conversations, and fostering a diversity, engagement, and inclusion culture.


Target Audience:

> Leaders and Managers keen to harness their innate ability to empower potential and lead with vision.

> Potential roles impacted by this training include but are not limited to C-level executives, Directors, and Senior Managers. 


Course Pre-requisite:

  1. None
 Topics for this Course

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 1
  • Understand and apply the principles of self-leadership and personal accountability
  • Develop strategies for self-motivation and continuous self-improvement

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • The ability to respond to channel and direct one’s thoughts and feelings work for them during challenging situations

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • Identify the benefits and challenges of building diverse teams
  • Implement strategies to leverage diversity for maximising team performance

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 2
  • Compare and contrast various leadership styles
  • Adapt and apply different leadership styles to suit team dynamics and organisational needs

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • Develop and apply strategic thinking skills to create and achieve long-term goals
  • Align strategic thinking with organisational objectives to drive success

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • Identify the key elements of building and maintaining trust within a team
  • Implement trust-building techniques in daily leadership practices

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 3
  • Enhance communication skills to influence and inspire others effectively
  • Utilise impactful communication techniques to achieve leadership goals

  • Achieves Learning Outcome 3
  • Cultivate and maintain strong, productive relationships within and outside the organisation
  • Leverage relationships to support organisational success and personal leadership growth

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 3
  • Improve decision-making skills through critical thinking and analysis
  • Develop a deeper understanding of business operations and enhance financial acumen

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 4
  • Master techniques for positively influencing team members and stakeholders
  • Apply influence strategies to achieve desired outcomes and organisational goals

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 3
  • Recognise the importance of empathy in leadership
  • Practice empathetic leadership to enhance team morale, cohesion, and productivity

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 4
  • Understand the principles and practices of leading change with agility and resilience
  • Develop skills to manage and lead through organisational changes effectively

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 4
  • Identify common sources of conflict within teams and organisations
  • Apply conflict resolution techniques to maintain a harmonious work environment

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 4
  • Approach and navigate difficult conversations with confidence and tact
  • Implement strategies to resolve issues and maintain professional relationships

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 4
  • Understand the importance of diversity, engagement, and inclusion in the workplace
  • Develop and implement initiatives to foster a DEI-focused organisational culture

  • Achieves Learning Outcomes 1-4
  • Apply learned leadership principles and competencies to real-world scenarios
  • Analyse and propose solutions to complex leadership challenges presented in the case study
  • Reflect on personal leadership style and identify areas for improvement based on case study outcomes
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  1. Software Development
  2. Information Technology 
  3. Product Development 
  4. Manufacturing 
  5. Financial Services 
  6. Healthcare 
  7. Consulting 
  8. Retail 
  9. Government 
  10. Non-Profit Organisations
  11. Marketing, Sales and Advertising 
  12. Education 
  13. Telecommunications 
  14. Construction